My first makeup workshop experience

Back in November I hosted my first workshop at Over Collective in London Ontario and it was the most incredible experience I am so grateful to have had.

I will start off my saying this wasn’t a theater style workshop but rather an intimate hands on learning experience with a small group of women. I provided a station for 9 ladies to spread out their own makeup bags and practice putting in on with my guidance. I was able to offer suggestions, tips and tricks along the way.


Although I am comfortable behind a camera and on Instagram, public speaking is a whole different story. In the past, this would have completely stressed me out and probably given me full blown anxiety, but it didn’t. As i was driving to the venue I remember thinking to myself that it didn’t feel real but the second I walked through that door it was like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t anxious. I was calm and excited and confident!

I should also mention that although it might not seem like a big deal this was something I had dreamed of doing for years now and it felt amazing to do. Like an item check off my bucket list if you will.

Photos by @britmaccuaigphotography

Decor & Balloons: @_partygirlsco_

Location: Over Collective London Ontario

Fall Family Photos

I should start off by saying this photo session felt like it was a complete FAIL! We have been doing this as a family at least once a year if not more since the boys were born and we have been super lucky, until now. We have already rescheduled due to the weather and it was getting closer and closer to snow fall so even though it was raining and freezing, we did it anyways. It was very short and consisted of cold/crying kids and somewhat frustrated parents. Our photographer Britt, handled it like a boss! She was calm and patient and acting like she wasn’t totally freezing her ass off and because of her we somehow managed to get some amazing shots. Brit has shot a few events for me now including Rocco’s first birthday and my most recent makeup workshop (both photos shoots will be coming soon on the blog) and every time I am blown away by how amazing the photos are. I can honestly say this time, even with all my confidence in her, I was nervous for the outcome. We even discussed the option of a potential of reshoot on another day before we left.…but then she comes up with these! These pictures are perfect! They are more than we could have asked for an some. Short, sweet, seasonal, and now done until next year! I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!

Photos by Brit MacCuaig @britmaccuaigphotography in London, Ontario

Boys Cardigains are from Os & Oakes @osandoakes

Community Over Competition

These four women right here have A L O T in common, like the services we offer, but we are not competition. Are you curious why?

Photos all by @carmabyc

Photos all by @carmabyc

We are all entrepreneurs in London. We all have similar services to offer and all support the crap out of one another. Why? We say, why not!! I don’t know if you guys have looked around recently but there is no shortage of work to go around, especially in the London area. This city is absolutly booming and there are more and more development every single day. Not only does that bring more faces for us to work on but it also bring more amazing women to collaborate with. We all believe in collaboration over competition!

There is also something so amazing and powerful that comes from being in a room and getting creative with a bunch of like minded women. Whether it’s a styled makeup shoot, or I am collaborating with other vendors or simply just hanging out and shooting like the photos here, this is where the magic happens. The brainstorming and the creative flow that runs through all these women is so inspiring, why wouldn’t you want to be around it!

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