My first makeup workshop experience

Back in November I hosted my first workshop at Over Collective in London Ontario and it was the most incredible experience I am so grateful to have had.

I will start off my saying this wasn’t a theater style workshop but rather an intimate hands on learning experience with a small group of women. I provided a station for 9 ladies to spread out their own makeup bags and practice putting in on with my guidance. I was able to offer suggestions, tips and tricks along the way.


Although I am comfortable behind a camera and on Instagram, public speaking is a whole different story. In the past, this would have completely stressed me out and probably given me full blown anxiety, but it didn’t. As i was driving to the venue I remember thinking to myself that it didn’t feel real but the second I walked through that door it was like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t anxious. I was calm and excited and confident!

I should also mention that although it might not seem like a big deal this was something I had dreamed of doing for years now and it felt amazing to do. Like an item check off my bucket list if you will.

Photos by @britmaccuaigphotography

Decor & Balloons: @_partygirlsco_

Location: Over Collective London Ontario